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Questions about Bladder Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Hello everyone,

I am a 32 years old male, I did a routine abdominal CAT Scan ( CT WITH IV CONTRAST) check, and the doctor found that I have asymmetric posterior urinary bladder wall thickening. They told me it is not a serious problem and could be due to under distention or could be due to cystitis. But I still made an appointment with a Urologist yesterday morning.

My urine test result is normal, and the bladder ultrasound results are consistent with normal bladder emptying. Then I did a cystoscopy, the doctor told me that my bladder is normal, there is no evidence of tumor, CIS stone, foreign body, or diverticula. But he found I have diffuse erythema and irregular mucosa posterior bladder wall, and he ordered a bladder biopsy under cystoscopy with anesthesia for me later this month.

I am a little nervous about the erythema and the irregular mucosa, could that a sign of bladder cancer?

Thanks a lot for the help.

  1. Hi ! Welcome to the community - we are happy to have you here! It sounds like you are doing absolutely everything you can to get to the bottom of this. I'm going to let some of our moderators step in and give their two cents, but I will say that erythema and abnormal mucus are not typical symptoms of bladder cancer. We have an article here -, that has a lot of detail around "typical" symptoms of bladder cancer. But remember, you are doing everything right, and I would have to imagine that your doctor would have rushed the scan if they thought it was something more serious. Nonetheless, please let us know how you make out! Sending you good vibes, Amanda ( Team Member)

    1. Hi, . Thank you so much for the quick reply and detailed explanation. I will give an update after I get the results of the bladder biopsy. Truly appreciate your support!

  2. , wow. It looks like you've been through a lot! It's also pretty frustrating to not have clear answers. Let me say we are not a medical community so we cannot diagnose or provide medical advice.

    I would share this link with you for more nuanced details on bladder cancer symptoms.
    and this link for info on urine tests (which you said you had)

    What symptoms made you visit the doctor? That could be helpful information. You're on the right track asking questions and doing your homework. Hopefully, others may have more answers.
    - Jada ( team member)

    1. Hi , thanks a lot for the link that you provided. I just did urine tests last month and yesterday's visit, and the results are normal.
      I did not visit the doctor due to some symptoms, I see the doctor because a routine abdominal CAT Scan showed that I have asymmetric posterior urinary bladder wall thickening, before that I even did not think about any bladder problem.
      Thanks again for your reply. I hope the bladder biopsy later this month can give me the final answer.

  3. Hey I wanted to check in and see how things went at. your last doctors appointment? Did you get any answers? - Jada ( team member)

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