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"Hi All, I was diagnosed in March 2021 with T1Grade3 bladder cancer. I had the TURBT March 4th to remove the tumor and a restaging on April 1st. The cancer is currently NIMBC so I start BCG treatments this Friday May 7th. To say the least, I'm nervous as $#!+. So any comments or advice would be welcome. Thanks - Frank

  1. Frank, sorry to hear about your diagnosis and I hope your BCG is going well. My experience has been that each treatment intensifies that immune reaction. Be prepared for that intensity. I found that diversions, binging your favorite movies, Netflex, etc., helps. It also helps to be completely honest with your friends and family about what is going on in your body. I have found that almost everyone in my circle is willing to listen, empathize and wants to help.

    I am not sure if the male reaction is similar to females, but if you want more specifics in terms of impact, please reach out.


    1. Thank you for the feedback and I'll follow-up with my progress. Much appreciated.

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