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Results documentation for cystoscopy/TURBT

I recently underwent a cystoscopy and TURBT procedure to remove a low-grade malignant tumor and will be undergoing quarterly cystoscopies for the next year.

What struck me as odd is that was no video or photography involved. Just a written note about what was found... the size of the tumor and so forth. Having had a number of colonoscopies, I've always had reports with color images of what the camera saw. Nothing for this. Does anyone know if this is common? This is at a well regarded hospital with a board-certified urologist. Thank you.

  1. Hi thanks for reaching out. Doctors have the images and it is usually recorded for later evaluation. Your doctor should be able to share these images with you at your appointment, did you have your follow up yet? Jill, team

    1. Thanks! But let me clarify... there was no video or photography of the procedure at all. It wasn't just that I didn't receive it. It just wasn't performed.

      1. thanks for the clarification. The cystoscope has a lens that allows your doctor to see the inside of your urethra and bladder, to examine these structures for signs of disease. For the TURBT procedure, the surgeon passes an electric wire loop through a cystoscope and into the bladder. The electric current in the wire is used to cut away or burn away the cancer. The doctor is using a lens to do this procedure, you would not see imaging. Imaging tests would be with the computerized tomography (CT) urogram or retrograde pyelogram, which allow your doctor to examine the structures of your urinary tract.I hope this was helpful. Jill, team

    2. Thank you Jill. I do understand that. My assumption was that if as there was a lens involved, there would be some photography, or even videography, to capture what the camera saw, for documentation. My question is whether there usually is, and my case is unusual, or is it the norm to not have images recorded in these procedures?

      1. Hi I don't want to steer you wrong as I am not a medical professional. From my understanding, the imaging results you would receive (CT and MRI), are in pre-TURBT settings for tumor characterization and staging. I hope others with any personal experience with this, will comment in this thread. I did find this article, which hopefully will be helpful for you: Jill, team

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