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Running and BCG treatments

Hi I was diagnosed in August with T1 HG BC. I had the first TURBIT and the tumor was removed. The second TURBIT showed I could proceed with the initial 6 weeks of BCG. I’ve always enjoyed running. During the TURBITS and the 6 sessions I did run very small amounts and on occasions would have some blood in my urine. After waiting two weeks after the treatments I attempted running again. This time lots of brown blood, but after that initial episode and no running no more blood. I guess the question is what might it mean….more cancer or just not healed?
By His will

  1. I am not medically trained but I would say, it is certainly possible you haven't healed properly. Is it only when you are running you notice this? I would discuss it with your medical team to rule anything out and perhaps get their guidance on when you should consider physical activity such as running. Laura, Moderator,

    1. Hi Laura,
      Yes seems to be only after running but then again I know that sometimes blood my be precent and we don’t see it. I’ve found it hard to get direct information from the doctors…a lot of coulds or mights or on and on. I understand a lot of it is my own anxiety and powerlessness. Thank you for getting back Laura.

      1. it sounds like it possibly could be you just need some more time to heal. While not into sport, I was keen after my treatment which was surgery to get back to normal things but sometimes we just need to let her bodies take a little longer to heal. It might be worth getting a urine sample tested in case it is UTI (urinary tract infection). It is very normal to feel anxiety and lack of power/control at this time. Hope you get to the bottom of it and get back out stress free in your running shoes soon. Laura, Moderator,

      2. thank you Laura.

    2. Thank you Linda

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