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Signs of bladder cancer?

My husband is 72 yrs old. He has been bleeding for months when he urinates even to the point that he shoots out blood clots when he urinates . He has no pain urinating. His hip has started hurting really bad too. But that may just be his hip. He feels pretty good. He is pretty healthy for his age. He has had 2 antibiotics in the last 4 months and he still bleeds. Finally this Friday he gets a CT Scan of kidneys and then Monday gets the scope of his penis for bladder and prostate. But his family doctor has just treated him all this time for UTI doesnt seem worried. The urologist ordered test immediately. Just wonder if anyone had just the bleeding and blood clots. He a few months back had a little difficulty with his flow of urine. But not really anymore.

  1. Hi I am glad you reached out. I wanted to follow up and see how the CT scan went? I believe today he has another appointment as well. Please keep us posted on how he is doing. We are here for you both. Jill, team

    1. From the scan they said he had a 2 inch tumor in the bladder they are going to remove it Thursday and we will know from that surgery what grade cancer it is low or high. Also to see if it went into the muscle. Doc said if it was he would remove the bladder while he is under. what are yall's thoughts on this? Is 2" tumor very big for the bladder?

    2. Just wanted to check in and see how the surgery went and how you guys are feeling. Sending lots of gentle hugs and good thoughts your way this morning. - Kayleigh, Team Member

  2. Hi. Two inches (5 cm) is considered a large bladder tumor. It is the same size that I had with my initial TURBT operation in Feb 2023. The stage and grade will be more important than the size. My pathology came back as TA (non-muscle invasive) high grade. Wishing your husband good news with his surgery!

    1. Thank you so much. Thursday seems forever away. I will post back when I know.

  3. I am sorry that your husband has been going through this. Blood in the urine should always be investigated and to assume it is a UTI is disappointing. I am not a doctor or medically trained in any way but I hope that he has good news. I am a bit confused as to the upcoming surgery. Is the doctor saying that he will go ahead and remove the bladder at the same time as he is removing the tumor if it shows high grade? I suggest getting a second opinion if that is the case. Having a TURBT to remove the tumor(s) is a much different surgery than bladder removal. Has this been discussed thoroughly with your husband and yourself? I may have misunderstood.

    1. what's an ic

    2. while I hope our community member responds, I wanted to send you over this article about what is an ileal conduit: I hope this is helpful. Jill, team

  4. Okay I know nothing about a TURBT

    1. The TURBT was when the surgeon went in through your husband's penis and removed the tumor. TURBT = TransUrethral Removal of Bladder Tumor.

    2. Sorry, the R in TURBT stands for Resection not Removal. Resection means removing.

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