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Started my BCG Journey today

Started my BCG Treatment Journey today, 1/24/2023. We'll see how the process goes as I move thru this 3 year process. So far it's better than the alternative.

  1. congratulations on starting treatment! Thank you so much for sharing this new with us. I hope you have the best results and do well with BCG. I further hope you are inspired to share your complete journey with us. Don't hesitate to post here if you ever need a shoulder or just want to talk with people who understand a bit of your battle. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing the best possible news from you! All my best, Charles (Moderator /

    1. @EddieS - Good luck with your treatments. I wish you success and minimal side effects. Please reach out if we can help support you through this journey and keep us updated on how things are going. My best Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

      1. glad to hear your treatment is underway. Wishing you well. Let us know how you go. Laura, Moderator,

        1. One week down, many more to go. I had my first BCG treatment last Tuesday. Tomorrow is my 2nd. Thankfully, the week went well. My only side effect was a little of burning during urination which only lasted about 5 hours. Most posts I have read say side effects increase as treatments continue, which makes sense. I will post an update after I see how week 2 goes.

          1. @EddieS - Happy to hear that your treatments are underway and that you did not have long lasting side effects. I wish you success with your BCG treatments. Please keep us updated on how you are doing. My best. Linda Urbanski (moderator, team member)

          2. glad you had minimal side effects. Every case is different. Hope you continue to cope well with minimal effects. Hope all goes well tomorrow. Thanks also for the updates. These help your fellow members on here, more than you ever know. Laura, Moderator,

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