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Symptoms of bladder cancer

Having a ct scan tomorrow of my bladder. Have had blood in my urine and pain after I finish urinating. Has anyone had pain at the end of urinating?

  1. Hi I am glad you reached out and I hope our community members respond here with their personal experiences. I am sending over an article that I hope can help you: Please keep us posted on your scan tomorrow. We will be thinking of you. Jill, team

    1. Yes I always had pain after peeing but I had like a pain all the time like sitting on a needle hope your scan goes well

      1. Hi ,I find out I get 🩸 in my urine , when my wife call me at my work , but the day I went to dentist appointment and after I went to bathroom , and I found out I get blood 🩸 when I’m urine , I don’t fill no pain at the time when I was at bathroom, and next couple days my urine was clean,and the same day I went to my urologist and take 5 days to get cats scan , but answer your question I don’t fill nothing when to the bathroom to pee

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