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Treatment for bladder cancer

I was diagnosed with stage 1 high-grade bladder carcinoma, and in April 2022 am undergoing BCG therapy for it. During my 5th dose only, I experienced severe pain while urinating and an increased urge that I have to run to the washroom every 15 mins. The symptoms are lasting longer than usual, and I have been advised to withhold the therapy

Just wanted to ask everyone out there how was your experience with BCG. How far you all have come along?
And did something help to reduce all these effects?

  1. I am not medically trained nor do I have personal experience to share. I do know that from the experience of others, that as the treatments process, it can be a little more impact and side effects. Wishing you well with the continued treatment. I am sure others here will share personal experiences with you. Laura, Moderator,

    1. I was diagnosed with the same as you 2 years ago.
      I've had several rounds of BCG treatments and what I've done to help with those side effects is I take 2 AZO pills right before my treatment and drink lot's of water to flush the medicine out.
      The AZO is used for urinary tract infections and it helps to eliminates that painful burning and the urgency.
      A heating pad is always comforting.
      I wish you all the best my friend your not alone ❤️

      1. @Shalimaa - I did not have BCG but know that side effects seem to vary from person to person. I would ask your doctor about how to handle these side effects. I hope that the BCG treatments work for you. Please keep us posted on how you are doing and if you were able to get some relief for the unexpected side effects. My best Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

      2. thanks for sharing your experience. Would you consider sharing your story with us here? Laura, Moderator,

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