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Urethral cancer

There is very little I formation or discussion about urethral cancer and it’s treatment. Please comment. Thank you.

  1. hi. I am not medically trained and have no direct experience with urethral cancer. I agree many urology cancers don’t have enough information readily available, in particular urethral cancer. Are you been seen by a medical team? Have you asked them for some material to read? Laura, Moderator,

    1. @myrna1 - Cancer cells were found in my urethra during a 2nd TURBT and 90% of it was removed at that time. I was left incontinent and my doctors were not sure if I would be continent in the future or not. That was one of the reasons I chose to go with RC/IC at stage one. Wearing adult diapers all day long was not something that worked for my lifestyle. Have you discussed this with your doctors as to be honest, I do not have medical training and am not familiar with treatments for this either but just have my own experience to go by. I hope you are able to find answers soon. My best Linda ( moderator, team member)

      1. I don’t know what that particular thing you mentioned is. I am having the external catheter removed Thursday and will be only using my suprapubic catheter which I am used to. Thanks for responding.

        1. @myrna 1 - are you referring to a TURBT or RC/IC? Have you been diagnosed with cancer of the urethra? Hoping to help clarify things. Linda ( moderator, team member)

      2. I was diagnosed with urethral cancer four

        1. I was diagnosed four years ago with urethral cancer that involved two lymph nodes in my groin. I had 35 radiation treatments together with chemotherapy. In May if 2021 I was dx with a metastasis to the gluteal muscle. I had a short term if radiation. I am in remission. Because of many trips to the emergency room for urinary retention I opted for a suprapubic catheter and started a course of prophylactic treatment with a low dosage antibiotic which has helped reduce utis. I’m aware of more radical surgeries which I may have to investigate if I have to continue having these procedures periodically. I find it difficult to get info regarding every day card for skin irritations etc. - a lot of researching. I’d like to be in touch and hear from more people who have had urethral cancer. Thank you

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