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Waiting for Annual Check Up

Dreading the annual scope session due in January. Getting worked up as I have two cancers that I follow in January. Stage IV Prostate cancer is rising just had a new PSA score. Climbing since 2018 for third relapse. Bladder cancer is stage zero and not a bad actor yet.

Just got that appointment pushed out until April now-fun right...but glad to be here to shuffle the dates.

  1. How are you getting on? It is definitely tough waiting for scans and currently with so many changes etc. Hope all is well for you when the scan comes around. Laura, Moderator,

    1. Thanks for checking in. Both appointments got pushed out. Prostate now next week- I am officially at relapse level on PSA. Will see if I can still stall any treatment. Bladder appointment now May- Guess COVID effecting schedules.

      1. covid really does continue to impact so many things. Hope the prostrate appointment goes well. Thinking of you. Laura, Moderator,

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