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What to do about negative consequences of surgery

Two years ago I had a cystectomy. Consequences:
Gut discomfort is normal with daily stabs of pain
Ostomy site is herniated with a semi hemispherical bulge like a portion of a grapefruit in size
Groin area is bulginging with scrotum invaded by descended leftover components of cut off whatever
Testicular pain as the result of pressure by scrotum invasion
Extreme pain when squatting to pick something up
Regular bleeding at site where stoma was stitched to outside skin

Care providers say they don’t deal with hernias

Should I document, date and memorialize this before the 3/year limit for claims?
Otherwise I am a very fit 70 year old who copes by working 10 hour days in a physically, very demanding job

  1. I'm sorry that you're having to deal with this. If faced with your symptoms, I would do the following.
    1. Get your urologist or primary care physician (PCP) to give you a referral to a wound and ostomy care (WOC) center or nurse, who will tell you what to do about the stoma site bleeding. When you see the WOC nurse, schedule a follow-up appointment so you don't have to get another referral.
    2. Get your PCP to refer you to a general surgeon who specializes in hernias, or google and make your own appointment.
    3. Use your PCP to identify a medical specialty that deals with each of your symptoms and get a referral. Do not assume that everything is a byproduct of your cystectomy. We are of the age that our bodies start misbehaving.
    4. Be thankful that your providers said "not my job". I think that you are always better going to someone who has seen hundreds of cases like yours.
    5. Contact a personal injury attorney who specializes in medical malpractice to find out what you should document and if you have a case. Often the first meeting is free.

    You are obviously a strong willed person. You have already overcome greater difficulties than most people ever face. Stay positive. Good luck!

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