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Celebrating 2 Years of!

In honor of our 2-year anniversary here at, we wanted to focus on the impact of our online community on people living with bladder cancer.

When trying to understand what brings you all here, we didn’t have to look very far. We asked some of our community members on Facebook why they come to this bladder cancer community. Here’s what they had to say:

To learn and get bladder cancer information

Some of you shared that you came to to read our articles to learn more about bladder cancer and to gain knowledge to help you in your journey.

"Because I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, I was looking for more information on this cancer, and support. Thank you very much."

"Been fighting for 4 years but learned a lot on here. It is helping."

"I wanted to learn about this dreadful cancer."

"Having been battling this disease for just over 2 years, the wealth of information here has made me more comfortable and confident in making decisions on my own path to fight this cancer. I’m now scheduled for an RC next month since the BCG treatments have not kept it a bay."

To hear other people's stories and experiences

Others shared that hearing from people who experienced bladder cancer firsthand helped you, and you come to to connect.

"I come here to hear about individual journeys, they give me comfort."

"I come here to learn about others experiences & about different treatment options."

"I come here to see how people are doing. Plenty of good advice given out. I had my bladder removed over a year ago and even though at times I still struggle, I’m pleased to still be here. When we go through certain things it’s nice to be able to see how others are handling issues that arise. It’s hard when you have no knowledge about what’s ahead, so to come to places like this is quite often encouraging."

"It helps to hear from others who are also managing through this type of cancer."

To give and receive support

Many of you recognize how challenging life with bladder cancer can be, and you realize that sharing your story can help others currently trying to cope. Likewise, some of you just have days when you need some encouragement!

"I went through kidney cancer in 2013 and bladder cancer in 2014 and today still. No signs so I want to try to bring hope to the newbies that come to our site."

"Support and knowledge and hope everyone can feel my hugs because they are heartfelt. Love you all."

"Support and Share with others ?"

"I needed help from people going thru this disease."

"Learn a lot here and also vent sometimes ?"

"Because I have high grade, non invasive bladder cancer. Apparently, I shouldn't have it because I'm a young female (diagnosed last year at 45). I like talking to people with bladder cancer because they are the only ones who truly know what we're going through."

To better serve patients

A few of you were healthcare professionals who wanted to better understand your patients with bladder cancer.

"I’m a urology nurse and I want to hear about the patient’s experiences with bladder cancer so I can better help the patients I help treat."

To support a loved one with bladder cancer

Several of you weren't personally diagnosed with bladder cancer, but someone you love lives with this cancer or battled it in the past. For you, finding ways to best support your loved one brought you to

"My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 bladder cancer and I need all the resources and information possible to fight like hell!"

"Because my husband had his bladder and prostate removed in March 2019 and I wanted to see how others dealt with cancer ??"

"My 85-year-old mother passed away from bladder cancer on 8/2/19 and I am devastated. I have an interest in always learning more about bladder cancer. Thank you."

"I have 2 close friends who have been battling bladder cancer."

To get inspiration and insight

For some of you, there is no one reason you come to Hope, information, recognition, a listening ear - no matter what you're looking for, we do our best to help.

"I come to this site often and highly recommended it. Thank you BC for all of your inspiration and insight."

Thanks for being here!

You shared so many reasons why you come back to this page. We're thankful for all of the caring and supportive individuals that make up this bladder cancer community. Whether this is your first, fifth or 100th visit to our page - thank you for being part of it!

With gratitude,
Sarah, Alina & the entire Team

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