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Nutrition and Exercise

  • By sarah.wallin Keymaster

    Do you have any tips for diet and exercise? This is a place to share about what has helped you, or any challenges you may face.

  • By Noel Forrest Moderator

    I always thought that I exercised well and ate all the right things. That didn’t however prevent me from getting cancer. This prompted me to look again at my nutrition and the exercise I was doing. On reflection my food intake was good, but it didn’t contain a balanced diet and I consumed to much fatty foods and far to much caffeine and not enough water. I’ve since changed the way I exercise. I now make sure that I cover at minimum 3 hours of cardio, in any format and the same again if training with weights. I’ve also took to doing a pilates class per week, which helps with my balance and core strength. In regards to nutrition my main change is that I drink at minimum 1 litre of water per day and will only have 2 cups of coffee on any given day. I make sure that I eat 3 meals a day with nothing processed and will only occasionally have something sweet or salty and never to excess. Items that are definitely consumed by me weekly;

    – Water
    – Blueberries
    – Brockley
    – Brussel Sprouts
    – Salmon
    – Makerel
    – Nuts & Seeds

    I was diagnosed with cancer in April 2017. I was told 6 months later that I was cancer free. I’ve put this process and the good news received down to my treatment and the nutrition and exercise I’ve been doing since I was diagnosed.

  • By Rainbow50

    Hi everyone this is my first post!

    My husband had one tiny spot of blood on the morning of 13 January 2017. I got him an immediate appointment at 10 am at our doctors. The doctor did a urine check and there was obviously blood this time as the wee had turned slightly brown. She confirmed there was indeed blood in his urine. He waited 2 weeks for a cystoscopy and as soon as the consultant put the cystosope into his bladder a tumour was seen.

    16 February 2017 his first TURBT was carried out under white-light cystoscopy and 2 weeks later we were told it was T1 Grade 3. A second TURBT was done on 30 March where a ‘recurrence’ was found on the scar site of the original TURBT

    He began BGC about 6 weeks later. He then had 3 maintenance BCG last one 31 July 2018 .

    We then got him switched to a different hospital 10 miles from where live. They carried out a third TURBT on 20 November 2017. This found no recurrence and 2 biopsies were clear too. He then had 3 maintenance BCG January 2017.

    Just to say immediately end of Jan 2017 we changed our diets – No processed foods – no sugar. Juiced carrots, kale, broccoli, beetroot and ginger. Vitamins, C, D, E, Selenium, Zinc, Beta Glucans and SeaCucumber, Resveratrol.
    .He has barley grass and lots of red grapes, grapefruit, berries ( frozen strawberries, blackberries and blueberries in smoothies with almond nut milk. Also eats fresh strawberries. Also drank green tea. And he took around 20 apricot kernels per day ( though that has gone out the window now).

    Unfortunately he is currently being lacklustre on eating his greens (he has never eaten greens only frozen peas previously) and also lacklustre of late on having his barley-wheat. I keep trying to tell him we cannot be sure if it is the BCG alone or the diet and vitamins or a combination of both that has worked for him, so he mustn’t let up.

    Sadly there is only so much one can push someone who has cancer – at the end of the day they will do want they want. My husband knows that he has a 50% chance of recurrence according to our specialists advice too.

    • By Alina Ahsan Keymaster

      Hi Rainbow50! Thanks so much for posting here, and welcome! It sounds like you have been really supportive in helping your husband eat nutritiously and use a combination of things to keep his cancer at bay. Bladder cancer definitely has a high rate of recurrence, so I’m glad that you are both keeping close tabs on his health!!! Please keep us updated on how you both are doing- I’m sure it’s been really challenging experience, and I’m glad he’s doing well!
      Take care,
      Alina, Team Member

  • By Rainbow50

    Hi Alina and thanks for the welcome

    We have received letters from our hospital that my husband’s next BCG is scheduled for 7 August, 14 August and 21 August. Before then we are told he should get another cystoscopy around May/June.