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  • By sarah.wallin Keymaster

    Whether you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer recently, long ago, are in treatment, out of treatment, or a caregiver, self-care can play an important role in your well-being.

    What self-care activities have helped you the most? Do you have any self-care ideas you would like to share? Please post in the comments below!

  • By vistadelmar

    Taking anti-anxiety meds helps. I have a good medical support team, including psychiatrist, and great surgeon and urology team. But living alone is tough. Always have been extremely independent. Learning new tools to meet this challenge—not always working. Best advice I can share is one day at a time. I try to focus on now, not past or future. Even an 81 year old can change. I text and email positive messages (something new for this previous often pessimistic person). Positive messages to grown children and friends really helps. I want to share my strength.

    • By Alina Ahsan Keymaster

      Hi vistadelmar!
      Thanks for sharing such great advice! Taking it one day at a time can really help. I’m glad you have a supportive medical team and family, and they are so lucky to have someone like you who is willing to share their strength. I think that your story would really inspire others in the community. If you’re interesting in sharing more, we would be honored to feature your story on our site here: We would love to hear more about your experiences and how you cope with bladder cancer. Thanks for letting us know which self-care activities have helped you! We’re so glad you’re part of our community.
      Take care,
      Alina, Team Member