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Greetings Friends, I had a HGT1 tumor (3.5 x 3 cm, I think a small one on the other side of that as well but not documented)) resected on February 12 2021, I just was cleared by a cysto after having 24 BCG treatments. I'm ambivalent if I should continue BCG treatments, only 3 more to go to finish the SWOG protocol. For the most part I've tolerated BCG, even though I must rush and drive more than 2 hours from the clinic to arrive to my home. to void. The nurse who would administer the BCG to me is rather new and I have never seen her before. I have had 5 different nurses do this procedure for me..a few times with difficulty...not because of me in any way. I have learned that they all have different techniques, 2 were very good, 2 were less than good and one awful at this. The good ones I had no suffering at all, the others sometimes more than a month of pain around the prostate and a lot of bleeding. I do have bladder spasms that subside after about 6 hours after voiding which is no fun. My prostate is not really enlarged at all. So, just wondering anyones thoughts if it wold be beneficial to continue with the last 3 treatments fearing another bad catheter experience that could be of risk. Of course I'm most grateful that I have not had an occurrence and is 24 BCG treatments enough? Should I quit while the going is good? If I lived closer and had a good nurse I would do it without hesitation. I know most do not believe in rotating after the instillment but I think it is a good idea, I usually turn on stomach for a little while before leaving and I also believe getting BCG once a year is a good idea if one can tolerate it...I wold appreciate any feed back...wishing all the best of health.

  1. Hi thank you for providing us more information about what you are looking for. We are not medical professionals, so I wouldn't want to give you bad advise on what to do. If you are questioning to stop the treatments, I would definitely recommend you talk to your doctor about this. They know your history and situation the best and should be able to provide you with answers. I did find this forum discussion that I thought might be helpful: Please keep us posted on how you are doing. Jill, team

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