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BCG Side Effects - Week 2

So treatment day is Wed for me. Wed night was pretty rough with straight up burning in my urethra! Thursday I was exhausted and bladder was sore. Friday I was pretty normal but today (Sat), I am exhausted, very mild fever and just don't feel good. I explained to my nurse this week that last week was tolerable with some burning and discomfort Wed, mild fatigue sick feel on Thur but Fri, Sat were good for me but Sunday, I felt like I had flu. Achy and drained. She said it is perfectly normal for it to come and go like that and it will get tougher as it goes. Well gosh, this week has kicked my tail and it has me totally on edge for 3rd treatment this coming Wed..
I am a hairstylist and have moved clients to Mon, Tues and hoping this will pass by Monday. Has anyone experienced a reaction like this?

  1. After 18 immunotherapy treatments (and 3 more coming up in a few weeks), I feel a bit like an expert! For the UTI symptoms I experience (even though it’s not a UTI), i take a generic AZO that eases urinary symptoms. For flu-like symptoms I pretty much just hunker down with herbal teas (chamomile and peppermint combined being my favorite) and give myself permission to lay on the couch and read and watch tv! Permanent fatigue is dealt with by reminding myself that at 71 I can slow down. I still do everything I used to, just at a slower pace. And that’s o.k.! I’m also fortunate to be retired so I don’t have to push myself to go into work!

    1. Thanks so much for coming here to share your insight with @pixie91, @donnah! So glad to hear that you've been taking it slow when fatigue and flu-like symptoms hit.

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      Take care,
      -Sarah (BladderCancer.net Team Member)

    2. Glad to know that your UTI wasn't a UTI. I've been having the same issues after my 6th treatment. I had a culture done and hoping it isn't an infection. It seems to be easing up now that it's been over a week.

  2. I underwent BCG treatments for eight years before my bladder was finally removed. I was lucky. I did experience some burning immediately after the treatment, and for a few hours, but once that was gone fatigue was the biggest side effect. It was cumulative. After a six week cycle I was exhausted. I rested as much as possible after that and it would take maybe a week before I was 100%.

    1. Hi..i also have treatments on Wednesday. I just did week 4 thought i was ok but flat on my back on Friday. Almost like the flu the way it hit. Let's hope the rest are better than this.

      1. How have you been doing Sarah?
        I finally got done my 6 treatments. And the scope came next. I have 6 weeks off the 3 treatments at the end of June. Which is a great break. Hope everyone is doing great.

      2. Hi @elly89, I'm doing well, thank you for asking! It's nice to hear from you. That's wonderful you have a break from treatments for the next few weeks. Anything you're planning to do during this time? -Sarah (BladderCancer.net Team Member)

    2. I am back to work. Making up for lost time.
      All is going good here.

      1. First few days were tiring, but getting back into the swing of things.
        Onward and upward!

      2. @elly89, that's great you're getting back into the swing of things! I admire your mindset and determination! Take care and keep in touch! Sarah (BladderCancer.net Team Member)

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