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Bladder Removal

I am a 77 year old female and I was told yesterday by the surgeon that I need to have my bladder removed as the latest tumour has grown through a diverticulum and is now on the outside of the bladder.

Provided a scan of my lungs shows the cancer has not spread I will be having the operation in the next 4-6 weeks. Please share your experiences with me... good and bad. He says my age is not a problem as long as I am fit, which I am.

  1. @Angela - I had my bladder out at age 63 and was in good health and fairly good physical condition at the time. I have been cancer free for 7b years now. I chose a bag - my choice- and did very well. I was home 5 days later, yet very tired for a few weeks. I did start a new desk job 4 weeks post op for a few reasons. For that I am very grateful because it allowed me to focus on other things which can certainly help reduce the stress of surgery. I have a tip sheet that I share mainly for those who choose the bag but others find it useful and are certainly welcome to it also. Feel free to ask any questions as I am sure someone on here can provide an answer from personal experience. Ask away and know that we are here for your support. Feel free to message me for the tip sheet but take the time to decide which diversion you feel best fits your lifestyle. The bag works great for me but that is me. Make sure whichever you choose that your surgeon is well versed in that diversion but most of all, make sure the decision is yours and what you want. Last but not least, I am the co-chair of the North Carolina Bladder cancer retreat which is Sept 23 - 26th. If you would like to meet others who have had RC please consider joining us. I do not know how close that is to you, but we would love to have you if interested. My best to you. Linda ( moderator, team member)

    1. @Angela A - I use a 2 piece system from Coloplast that seals together after I put it on. The wafer is the part that attaches to my abdomen. It may be called something else in the UK - I know others call it a variety of things. I am not familiar with keyhole surgery. Do you have an IP - Indiana pouch or IC - Ileal conduit? Just curious. Sorry that you are not feeling your best today and hope that it is a very temporary time. We all have those days though so be kind to yourself. My best to you. Linda ( moderator, team member)

    2. hi - the other day was four years since my surgery. I am in the UK so please ask if any questions. It is early days for you. Don’t be frightened to ask for different bags or products if something isn’t working for you. Wafer is just the base plate - the bit that sticks to your stomach. Some people use two piece bags where the base plate is separate. You could try a barrier wipe or
      Spray to protect your skin from output. Laura, Moderator,

  2. I had a radical cystectomy at 79. I have an ileal conduit urostomy. There have been challenges, but I found a local support group was very helpful.

    1. Hello Jeff, thanks for your reply. The replacement you mentioned is that internal and made from part of the bowel. I don't know if that is an option in the UK. Kind regards and keep well. Angela

      1. Since posting a reply to you I have researched the types of bladder replacement and I think the one you mention is what is commonly done in the UK. Thank you Angela A

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