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How long do painful bladder spasms last after chemo/radiation therapy

I completed my bladder sparing treatment (turbt/chemo/radiation) for T2 muscle invasive, 10 days ago and my excruciating pain from hourly bladder spasms, day and night is unbearable and wearing me down. They started getting worse during my last 2 weeks of boost radiation, and much to my dismay have not eased, even though cultures, urinalysis show no infection and I am on bladder spasm meds.

Anyone experience this intense pain with hourly urge post radiation? Is it normal or a red flag. How long before it starts to ease?

  1. @Gracis - I had the bladder spasms and hourly - if not more frequent urge to pee- prior to my RC, The meds completely took my appetite away and I lost 35 pounds. I wish I could provide a reason for your pain and spasms but it may just be side effects from what you have been through and taken a while for your body to react. I would reach out to your medical team again if there is not a change soon. My best Linda Urbanski (moderator, team member)

    1. Hi. sorry you are experiencing this pain and discomfort. You may find these useful articles to read. I would definitely consult your medical team if the pain isn't being managed and things aren't improving. Laura, Moderator,

      1. So sorry
        I have Stage 2 High Grade Carcinoma Bladder Cancer.
        Diagnosed May 30; the 2nd anniversary of my son’s passed by…. I was shocked
        Since I have two TURBT surgeries and started BCG last Monday.
        A rough week… 5 more to go

        It’s so scary

        1. Hi Meehan, I’m a little anxious I start BCG on Thursday, 26. Just got the appointment today. I have been waiting for 3 weeks to start, I was told I had to wait after my blood transfusion, that was a month and half ago. I’m ready for this next step.

          1. we can understand you feeling nervous about starting. I am glad to hear you are ready for this next step. We are here for you along this journey. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. Jill, team

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