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Looking for some hope and answers!

Hi everyone,
I am so appreciative of finding this site. Please do accept my apologies if I should not be posting as I have not received a diagnosis yet. My situation in a nutshell: Three days ago I had some acute bleeding when urinating and it has thrown me for a loop. I was completely shocked and terrified to see it . So I guess I’m reaching out to see if anyone can help with what my next steps should be when seeking out consultation from my PCP and specialist! I have been up all night tonight racked with anxiety and tears dealing with all of this. As soon as I saw the blood I bee-lined to the urgent care where they diagnosed me- mistakenly- with a UTI. Two days later they informed me that I don’t have a UTI and that no bacteria was present in the urine culture. They said I better see a specialist ASAP. My sample was positive for small amounts of proteins, white blood cells and a larger amount of blood. The blood was visible in my urine as it was tinged pink. Today I have an appointment with my PCP to see if he can get me into a urologist quicker than if I tried to schedule it on my own. I do have some pelvic and lower and mid-level back pain and urgency with urinating. As far as the “broken glass” pain that most people feel with a UTI I don’t really have it. I did have that sensation on Saturday when the bleeding occurred but it has improved. My worst fear is that I have ignored subtle symptoms for months and I’m about to be hit with the big C diagnosis. Based on what I have researched, there aren’t a plethora of reasons that a person should be having blood in their urine. I am a relatively healthy 41-year-old non-smoker. Just celebrated 41 years four days ago so not the best belated birthday present. I am also newly engaged and have had to postpone my wedding two times due to the stupid virus. So to say I am riding the struggle bus would be an understatement. I would welcome any help or input you all can give me! Thank you so much for reading this very long post by a very terrified girl!

  1. Hi @karahope98!

    Geez! It sure sounds like it's been a rough year for you! So sorry about that!

    Sounds like you are taking the right steps NOW and, fortunately, the medical personnel you're dealing with are taking things seriously. That is a very important thing!

    I was almost 41 when I was diagnosed and hit virtually none of the risk factors typically considered for bladder cancer. It is a hard thing for women to get diagnosed as we experience symptoms differently than our male counterparts. It actually took me at least 2 years to find a doctor who would listen to me and get to the root of my complaints instead of throwing meds at the problem and shuttling me out of the door.

    The C-word is definitely the worst-case scenario and I really hope that this is not your issue, but if it is, we're here for you.

    Do not stress over "not paying attention to warning signs and early symptoms" because there really is no way to truly know without medical testing. Hopefully, your PCP will be able to get you in with urology quickly. I would expect bloodwork, imaging and very possibly a cystoscopy with biopsies. So you may have a bit of a wait to get a final result, but hang in there.

    If you have questions, please check out the information and articles on this site and/or message me. Our team is non-clinical, but we will all surely answer your questions as best we can.

    1. @MirletaLiz
      Thank you so much for your response! I have an appointment this coming Monday with a nurse practitioner specializing in Urology. I have seen her before- albeit a number of years ago -but I remember her being amazing. It would have taken a months time to see a urologist so I went ahead and gladly took this appointment. I hope because she is a woman and sees these types of things every day will be more open to further diagnostic testing! Fingers crossed! Again- I appreciate your response so much.

    2. @karahope98 you're very welcome! That's what we're here for! I'm glad you got an appointment. She will likely refer you to a MD in the practice and, hopefully get a scope scheduled for you quickly. Be sure to let us know how it goes on Monday!

  2. Your and my situation is exact to a T ! I have had the white blood cells in my urine to the blood when urinating ( to my surprise as well , as I have had a full hysterectomy in 2003. I am scared but at the same time.. I know what's happening.. I just need to do something about it quickly!
    Have you had any formal tests yet?
    Sending much love and prayers to you 🙏❤

    1. Kara - Would like to hear an update on how things are going with you as you have not posted in a while. It appeared that you were on the right track to obtaining some answers. Believe me - knowing what you are dealing with is much easier than the unknown. Please know that we are here to support you. My very best to you. Linda ( moderator, author, Bladdercancer.net team member)

      1. , get to your urologist asap, I ignored my symptoms until it became obvious I had a problem. If you catch bladder cancer early you can treat with BCG and no removal of bladder.
        Removal is major surgery and recovery takes over six months, but then again I am 69 years old. You have a long life ahead of you. Take care.

        1. As with any disease or illness, everyone is

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