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Preparing for Maintenance Treatment

My follow-up cysto after 6 weeks of treatment and 6 weeks rest revealed no cancer in the bladder. That was great news! However, I'll be starting the first round of maintenance intravesical chemo in 2 days.

I honestly thought I would decline the maintenance treatments when the time came. But considering my mild reaction to the first series, I didn't hesitate to agree to receiving two 3-week rounds over the next 6 months. (Forgive me for not updating the community sooner. I've been exhausted and battling the aftereffects of hidden stress.) Otherwise, life is good.

If you haven't already, please share your experiences with continuing bladder cancer maintenance after your initial diagnosis and treatment. I wish you all the best. ~Jacqueline, Moderator,, AdvocateMy first cysto after treatment

  1. hi. Good to hear from you. Thanks for updating us. Wishing you well with the maintenance. Sending positive vibes your way. Laura, Moderator,

    1. ps. Love the top. Laura, Moderator,

      1. Thanks! I created the t-shirt and coined the phrase REBEL TO BE WELL to inspire family and friends impacted by all cancer types, especially during 2021. I wear it to every appointment, treatment, and procedure. I appreciate your feedback. ~Jacqueline, Moderator,, Advocate

      2. thatt to a fantastic. What an inspiration you are. Laura, Moderator,

    2. Jacqueline Harmon - Great to hear that things are going well with you. Perfect shirt by the way. thank you for updating us. Wishing you continued success with treatments and follow ups. Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

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