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"Hi All, I was diagnosed in March 2021 with T1Grade3 bladder cancer. I had the TURBT March 4th to remove the tumor and a restaging on April 1st. The cancer is currently NIMBC so I start BCG treatments this Friday May 7th. To say the least, I'm nervous as $#!+. So any comments or advice would be welcome. Thanks - Frank "

  1. @Frank-Acton good to see you posting on the forum. I hope that others with direct experience with BCG will chime in and give you some tips soon. Good luck on Friday! ~Liz, Moderator

    1. I did not have BCG but know many others who had and it was successful so I am hoping you are one of those people. Relax and assume that things will turn out just fine. Remember that - you got this !! Keep us posted with your treatments and any questions. My best to you. Linda ( moderator, team member)

      1. Thank you for the positive thoughts. I had my 1st treatment last week May 7th. I had a pretty bad headache and fatigue that seems better today. Thanks again - and yes, I got this. Frank

        1. Happy everything went smoothly Frank! (Aside from the fatigue.) Did they leave you with plans for a follow up round of treatment? Rooting for you!!

      2. Hi and thanks for the reply. I have 5 more treatments over the next 5 Fridays. Then I go in for another cystoscopy to determine the effectiveness of the BCG. As my wife says - it could be worse. We all have something to deal with, this just happens to be mine. Staying positive

        1. @Frank-Acton, your wife is right, it could be worse! So glad to hear you're staying positive! Glad to hear you've only got 5 more treatments. ~Liz, Moderator

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