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After TURBT three times, first time was stage 0 but malignant. Second and third were described as inflamation, benign.

So how do I stop the inflamation and get past this? Anyone with this experience?

  1. Hi @basil, while I have not had TURBT, hopefully, some other users or moderators will have some experience in this area. I will tag some moderators to see if they have personal experience so they can give some advice.

    In the meanwhile, I've taken the liberty to look up some articles on our site that might be helpful to you. Links below.



    Good luck and let us know how things go. ~Liz, Moderator

    1. Thanks. I imagine others have been relieved after surgery to not have malignant cancer, but want to avoid this operation in the future by reducing inflamation in the bladder which is precancer.

      1. @basil you're welcome and prevention is always worth the effort! ~Liz, Moderator

    2. @basil - We are not medical professionals and not able to provide such information but possibly your medical team could suggest causes of this inflammation. There may be multiple reasons and hopefully you are able to determine the cause soon. My best to you. Linda ( Moderator, BladderCancer.net team member)

      1. Hi , so happy to hear that your tests have been coming back benign! That's a huge milestone! Hmm. Inflammation is a tricky one. What has your doctor recommended so far? Also, have you considered/ do you have access to other specialists such as a nutritionist? While others join with their experiences, i'd recommend searching the word inflammation on the site. I think this could worth the read also. https://bladdercancer.net/living/microbiome

        - Jada (bladdercancer.net team member)

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