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Bladder Cancer Awareness Month 2022

May is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month!

This awareness month, we are calling on the power of community and storytelling to illuminate the realities of bladder cancer. Unfortunately, we know how terrible this disease can be. However, not enough people seem to understand. That's why this awareness month, we are sharing our stories.

Why is awareness important?

Bladder cancer is the fourth most common cancer in men and within the top 10 most common cancers in the United States. 1

While bladder cancer can affect anyone, many people do not know the signs or symptoms until it is too late. By raising awareness, we can better educate the world to improve early diagnosis, encourage policymakers to increase access to services, fund research, and reduce the feelings of isolation or discrimination people face.

Share your story

Part of making a difference is centered around your voice. Spread bladder cancer awareness by sharing your personal story with us.

How did you feel getting diagnosed? What was the process like? How has your life changed since your diagnosis? We welcome the good, the bad, and the ugly. You can raise awareness and support others going through this confusing journey by sharing your story.

You can also read other community members' bladder cancer stories here!

Spread information!

To help spread helpful information, we have put together resourceful articles about important topics within the bladder cancer community. We will update the community each week with a new compilation article highlighting the realities and latest information around beginning BCG treatment, anxiety around recurrence, and the cystoscopy experience.

BCG and Everything You Need to Know About It The REAL Cystoscopy ExperienceA Guide for Navigating Recurrence Anxiety

Join the conversation!

What realities do you wish the world knew about living with bladder cancer? Any tips for getting through a cystoscopy? Join the discussion and tell us in our forums section!

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