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Catheter pain after TURBT

I had a TURBT 12 hours ago and was sent home with a Foley catheter. I have to go back to the doctor’s office in two days to have it removed .

When I woke up in recovery I had a intense and painful urge to pee from the gemcitabine wash still in my bladder. It was so uncomfortable they had to cut the treatment 10 minutes short.

At home I have had continual sharp pain at the tip of the urethra and frequent involuntary contractions like I am trying to squirt out the last bit of pee. The urge to pee comes and goes and is intense at times.

I am drinking plenty of fluids and emptied the bag 3x already .

What do other people (men) do for the sharp pain at the tip of the urethra ?

Is there something I could ask the doctor about tomorrow?

  1. @rainwest - I would definitely ask you doctor about this when you follow up. Everyone reacts differently to treatment so this may just be your bladder and urethra getting a bit "angry" at this invasion. I hope that each day brings you more relief following your TURBT. Keep us posted as to how you are doing. My best to you. Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

    1. sorry to hear of your discomfort. How did you get on with the doctor? Hope the pain is starting to ease. Laura, Moderator,

      1. glad to hear that. Good luck for tomorrow. Good to have the cream if needed. Laura, Moderator,

      2. @rainwest - great news that your pain is not as severe. Hope that things are much better after the cath is removed. Keep us posted. My best. Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

    2. Well. Got the catheter out this morning and passed the void test. Peed out 250 of the 300 cc they put in. Home now but it’s slow going. Nice to be untethered. How long does it take people to resume normal urination after their catheter?

      1. @rainwest - I am not a medical professional and therefore cannot provide medical advice. I do personally believe that we all get back to our "normal" at different times. I was back to normal urination fairly quickly - a couple days. Hydration is very important in the healing and general health area so that may help out also. My best to you. Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

      2. great news. As Linda said, plenty of fluids are key. Hope things are easing for you. Laura, Moderator,

    3. This is exactly the way I felt. The best treatment for the general pain in my experience is hydrocodone. Ask doc to prescribe if they have not already. Take a tablet w water and some food. Relief comes rather quickly to urethral pain-- about 25 minutes after taking. The only side effect was a bit of constipation. So, try and keep the fluids coming along with appetite and you shd be ok. I had to go to the ER the night after my operation. I had NOT been given a catheter and so something-- blood clot in urethra?- was blocking my urine from going out. By 2am the next morning I began to experience severe abdominal pain. I reached my surgeon (who had performed the TURBT the previous afternoon) and he sd that I must go to the ER and be catheterized. Unfortunately they did not sedate me in any way in the ER when they put the catheter in and it was the most horrific experience of my life. I screamed at the top of my lungs for at least a good ten seconds. THEN they gave me morphine and valium. Why they didn't do that BEFORE the insertion is a mystery. . It's not a perfect world.I complained of soreness at the tip of my thingy and they gave me lidocaine which didn't help much. Hydrocodone was much more complete relief, both physical and emotional. It calmed me down. I wore the catheter for 2 days then was able to get an appt w surgeon who removed it. Removal was one week ago and I feel stronger every day with less and less pain. I have not taken a hydrocodone in 5 or 6 days and the pain has been very manageable. I still have to pee at least ever hour or 2 and there is a slight burning feeling but nothing more.

      1. @Brulew - thank you for your response. I am sure the removal of the catheter made a big difference as it did with me when I had this procedure years ago. My best to you. Linda Urbanski (moderator, team member)

      2. hi. How are things going for you? Laura, Moderator,

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